Application for benefits

Through this option lets you make your request for unemployment benefits online and without travel.

ONLY FOR ACCESS THROUGH CL@VE: In order to sign a process at the SEPE, should be the registration of advanced level in the system Cl@ve, either in person, an office to a public employee enabled for that purpose, or on-line, after authentication of the citizen through an electronic certificate recognized

ATTENTION: The new version of application via the electronic simplifies and updates, amalgamating treatment and reducing screens and incorporating improvements in the finalization of the procedures.

There are available the following requests:

  • Individual presolicitud form of unemployment benefits.
  • Contributory benefit application. You can also recognize your delivery at the time.
  • Request for special allowance of artists, technical and ancillary. NEW
  • Request for unemployment benefit. You can also make the extension of your allowance at the time.
  • Request for renta activa de inserción. Digitally can obtain the certificate of Emigrant Returned this link.
  • The request of accumulated fertilizer and advance on non-community foreigners.
  • Request for payment of unemployment benefit.
  • Request for additional aid RAI victims of domestic violence, sexual or domestic violence.
  • Request for Farm Income agricultural day labourers in andalusia and Extremadura.
  • Application of agricultural subsidies for eventual SEASS Workers.

For the unemployment benefit application, the procedure may be qualified by the annexed in the documentation outlined in the proof of application that the system facilitates at the end of the management.

Your request will be viewed, which validates your presentation as if it had been made in person. For this register will be made from your computer, there is a need for the installation of an additional component (ActiveX) and the settings on your browser as described in the following instructions: Browser configuration (pdf - 632 KB).

To deal with claims for unemployment benefits through the electronic site SEPE, it is essential to use the digital certificate or Italy or username and password obtained via the cl@ve system and registration as a jobseeker autonomous community or, if residing in Ceuta and Melilla, in the public employment service Estatal (SEPE).

To complete the procedures that require signature, it is imperative, when accessed with username and password cl@ve, mobile phone and matches in cl@ve.

Before making your request, you can check what is in your unemployed using this simulation programme benefits.

Important: If you are a worker of the sea you can use this service on the Internet to handle your delivery For more information. check employment offices network By Sea.

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