How to use this Site?

The public employment service State (SEPE) has launched the electronic site on the internet to meet the right of citizenship to interact with the administration by electronic means, such as provided by law 39/2015 October, the administrative procedure common of public administrations, in his article 13.

Enables The Electronic Site bring the administration to citizenship from anywhere with Internet connection, to perform the same procedures that were previously dealt in person, avoiding displacement and waiting times.

You have to take into account that the reception non-working days means for the purpose of counting deadline in working days or natural, with regard to adherence to deadlines for interested persons, the presentation in one day unfit means done in the first hour of the first working day following, unless a standard expressly permitted reception in day unfit.

Security of the electronic site

From your arrival to the SEPE electronic site navigating in a secure connection in which all information between headquarters and you travels "encrypted or encrypted". Furthermore, access through electronic certificates guarantees the identity of the person and protects the data traffic.

What do I need to use the electronic site?

To access the majority of services of the electronic site requires the use of permanent Cl@ve ( or a Digital Certifícate provided by a entity recognised or Electronic DNI.

If the process requires signature operations with Digital Certificate or Electronic DNI will need to use the application Self-Signature (

If you already possess electronic certificate but you have doubts you can consult the relationship of authentication systems and electronic signature admitted by the public employment service State.

If, however, you do not have even an electronic certificate or has found that which you have is not supported by the electronic site SEPE, check help about signing and electronic certificates to manage one.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements to be able to use the services provided through our Electronic Site ( are:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome updated.
  • File viewer: Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Version of Java: Java 7 update 79 CPU
  • Application of signature: Autofirm@

What can I do in the electronic site?

Since the electronic site SEPE you can access a list of administrative procedures allow you to:

  • Complete the online and download and fill out forms to using the electronic register.
  • Request and retrieving data online and perform simulations.
  • Complete online and print formats for delivery in the offices of the SEPE.