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Structure of pages

This website is designed with a common format to all pages of content, and header area Ariadna thread (tracker), central and footer. This allows easily become familiar with the structure of documents, facilitating the navigation for those who need technical aids to use the website.


The header is common to all pages of content and contains an area of language Selection, profits, information about the user and phone:Example of header of this website.


The language selection official language: Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician.Selection area co-oficiales languages.

Institutional image.

Area with logos of the ministry of employment and Social security and links to their websites and graphical image identifies headquarters.header with institutional image

Main navigation menu.

Navigation menu The navigation system offers access to the main sections of the website.

Official date and time.

Official date and time Date and time official: you can observe the date and time of the server that hosts the Headquarters. Update the page is apparent in every moment date and time.

The date and time of the electronic site is legal validity and not the team since that performed the procedure.


Divided into two areas: navigation menu on the left and contents in the area right.Area of contents: Menu on the left and contents to the right.


At the bottom we find several links that allow us access to utilities and additional information on the website of the electronic site of Public Service State Employment:Area of footer

  • Legal notice: receiver and conditions of use of the website.
  • Site map: outline of the contents of the website that you can navigate.
  • Navigation guide: information about the navigation of the website.
  • Accessibility: detailed description of the commitment of web accessibility acquired.

How do you know where we are.

In the pages of content, with the exception of the homepage, shows a header that identifies where we are, and the thread of Ariadna that shows the journey made until you reach the page you are looking at.