Recognition of the contributory benefit

ONLY FOR ACCESS THROUGH CL@VE: In order to sign a process at the SEPE, should be the registration of advanced level in the system Cl@ve, either in person, an office to a public employee enabled for that purpose, or on-line, after authentication of the citizen through an electronic certificate recognized

To request the videoguía contributory benefit

This guide for use in video format, shows the steps in order that you can apply for the recognition of the contributory unemployment benefit, with the initial choices or resumption, provided you adhere conditions to make this online.

Here you can apply for the recognition of your contributory unemployment benefit in the form of initial high or resumption had recognized previously exhausted, and not allowing the option of a new law in case of having worked for more than 360 days.

This service allows you to request and recognize the benefit if extinct your employment relationship within the General Social security system and of the special regime of the coal mining, both for full-time contracts as cases of termination of contract part-time.

However, there are specific situations, in which, for their particularities, the application might inform you that the procedure you deliver your employment office.

You must have contributed to theSocial Securityat least 360 days of continuous mode or discontinuous, since the last recognition.

For the recognition of the contributory need:

  • Have a username and password obtained throughcl@ve system,digital certificateorItaly. To complete the procedures that require signature, it is imperative, when accessed with username and password cl@ve, mobile phone and matches in cl@ve.
  • Registration as a jobseeker with the employment service or autonomous if residing in Ceuta and Melilla, in the public employment service.
  • Certificate or company certificates of recent 180 days or longer if the company has not referred to the SEPE by internet.Consultationif your certificate of company has been sent
  • Declare the family.
  • You agree to the data available.

This service is available 8 : 00 h 20 : 00 h from monday to friday

If you want information about other benefits in the public employment service you can find it in State Information about other benefits or contact via Telephone

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