Operation of the application Certific@2


To use the application Certific@2, users must have permission to telematic transmission of data to public employment services, obtained previously as defined in the implementation Contrat@, or electronic signature issued by any certification authorities.


The data communication of the certificate of enterprise and periods of activity fixed labour discontinuous and files employment regulation of suspension or reduced hours can be done during the24hours per day, every day of the year. The application is governed by the date and time Spanish official corresponding to the peninsula, Ceuta, Melilla and the archipelago contained in the e-mail access.



For the purposes of computation deadlines, will be considered days off work only the well found for the entire national territory in the annual calendar days off work published by the General administration of the State.

Data transmission received in one day unfit means in the first hour of the first working day following. In the seat of the entry will be charged as date and time of submission those that actually occurred reception, consist as date and time of entry effect to zero hours and a second of the first working day following.

Communication of periods of activity

Users of the application Certific@2data labour activity of the month or previous months. The communication of periods of activity can be done during the24hours per day, every day of the year, bearing the prior authorization of the worker.

Telematic transmission of data by an authorized person user on the periods of work activity of regular workers discontinuous or to those affected by a dossier employment regulation of suspension or reduced hours, will allow the management by the managing body of the application of resumption of benefits and unemployment benefits of these workers.

Company certificate

Telematic transmission of data by an authorized person user will be the exemption of the worker or the employee of the obligation to accompany the certificate of company to its unemployment benefit application.

Storage of information

Enter a database all data received through the implementation Certific@2.

The request for information by workers or their representatives on these data or its absence will be served by the public employment service State.

High workers affected by You're

Is to offer the possibility to inform the public employment service State (SEPE) to any company that had access to Internet, the initial high all those workers affected by one extinction, suspension or reduction of the ordinary working day consequence of a file of regulation of Employment.

This communication can be made using the application of technology XML, through the treatment of XML format files whose management of shipment is manual. Requires the intervention of a user to, once the file has been created, proceed to select it and send it to SEPE.

For the generation of this file XML, there is a wizard within the application Certific@2.

Prior transmission of data on collective redundancies, suspension of employment and reduced hours, under the command ESS/982/2013

In communications of this service provides for the possibility of shipments power initial high type, and shipments of type variation of data, which you can complete or modify the information provided in the high initial.