The public employment service Estatal (SEPE) had decided to amend dated 30 march 2022 the start of the counting of deadline for the submission of applications for grants from the programmes "First Professional Experience in public administrations," "Tandem" e "" I Investigate.

These programmes are included in the Investment 1 Young "" Employment, including in the Component 23 "new public policies for a dynamic labour market, resilient and inclusive", the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience (PRTR).

Therefore, is suspended the beginning of time frame for the 1 april 2022 lagging established the following deadlines:

For the programme of "First Professional Experience in public administrations", 4 months following the day 25 april 2022 including.
For Him, the deadline for submission of requests will cover the period from the 16 may 2022 until 31 august 2022 both dates included.
For I Investigate term, 4 months following the day 25 april 2022 including.