Capacity-building programmes for agricultural employment Andalucía and Extremadura and in the depressed rural areas

What programmes supporting agricultural employment and this application?

The public employment service provides State appropriations from their annual budgets to promote employment through the implementation of programmes aimed at unemployed workers, agricultural potential, preferably through subsidies to local councils.

The procedure is managed by delegation in each Provincial Directorate of the cases referred by law, to be necessary to make the relationship between SEPE and local corporations beneficiaries or by electronic means.

Thus, this application enables local corporations, through their legal representativesto make their complete pipeline of requests for a subvention to the SEPE in the electronic. Among other things, may: select the call for the first request the subsidy; create, store and select drafts of application (with option to erase and modify) until its submission after the confirmation of the draft prescriptive; request the discontinuance of applications already put forward; to consult states and their applications, export data to CSV and download documents partners; respond to requirements of cure of requests and present new versions of request; other actions to be implemented and rationale of the project subsidized; etc.

How to access to the implementation

Supported: Chrome browser.

Should be installed updated Self-Signature.

To access the application is a need to have one of the following electronic certificate: individual, public employee or representative. It is also possible to access through permanent Key-signature. Recommends the use of a certificate to access the application.

In the case of not using a certificate of representative, at the end of the process will seek to append a document attesting to the signatory as the legal representative of the local authority for the grant request.

Created a new application later you can access to it for consultation and management.

Further Information,


The SEPE made available to persons representatives of local corporations want to apply for grants from the programme for the development of Agricultural Employment, a few explanatory videos that complement the directions of the Manual download in PDF format: we invite you to its implementation.

1 Get with valid certificates

Find out what are the certificates to accede to the management at the headquarters of the SEPE electronic files of local corporations in the framework of the programme for the promotion of Agricultural Employment of the SEPE.

2 . Submit your application online

Submit and know how to register in 7 steps in the form of the local authority it represents, for convening that has been enabled by the Provincial Directorate (distinguishing modalities Andalucía and Extremadura ), aid of the programme for the promotion of Agricultural Employment of the SEPE.

3 . To respond to data requirements of the request

Once the application is made in time (video 2 ), It may contain information to address, you will be notified by the Provincial directorate that resolves this procedure. Since the SEPE Electronic site, you can track the status of their application: this video shows you how to proceed to restate and correct erroneous data required.

4 Append required documentation.

In other cases, although the data have been completed correctly (video 3 ), the request may be incomplete in respect of the necessary documentation that should accompany it. After the timely notice of detail requested by the Provincial directorate, in the electronic site SEPE can append the documents were missing or incorrect, as shown in this video.

5. Acceso a las notificaciones remitidas por la Dirección Provincial

Conozca cómo acceder a las notificaciones remitidas por la Dirección Provincial identificándose con un certificado de representante.