Telematic shipment of actions for collective redundancy, suspension of employment and reduction expected time in the command ESS/982/2013.

This service allows through Internet, by companies, the communication to the public employment service State (SEPE), prior to its effectiveness, measures of collective dismissal, suspension of employment and reduction of day.

What is it?

Is to offer the possibility to inform the public employment service State (SEPE), by companies and prior to its effectiveness, information concerning measures of collective dismissal, suspension of employment and reduced hours, although in no case may be extended such communication to payment of unemployment benefits that may arise from the implementation of these measures.

This communication can be made using the application of technology XML, through the treatment of XML format files whose management of shipment is manual. Requires the intervention of a user to, once the file has been created, proceed to select it and send it to SEPE.

How does the service?

To use the application Certific@2, users must have permission to telematic transmission of data to public employment services, obtained previously as defined in the implementation Contrat@, or electronic signature issued by any certification authorities.

For files XML sent through access to the application Certific@2, there are two levels of control:

  • Format Control in real time, at the very moment in which it sends the file. In case of error detected, specifies That and the file is not sent for processing in the SEPE. otherwise the file is sent to the SEPE for processing.
  • Remaining controls. Was held when the file has been sent to SEPE. As a result of this second level of control, proceed to send an email informing the final outcome of the process: processed correctly or rejected, in which case attach the errors detected.

In addition, in each shipment you can append until10XML file.

The communication on measures of collective dismissal, suspension of employment and reduced hours can be done during the24hours per day, every day of the year.

What are the benefits?

Provides companies to electronic media for the transmission of information to the SEPE, reflecting the simplification of formalities, cost savings and elimination of paper.

Interesting links

  • For those questions relating to mass redundancies, suspension of contracts or reduced hours, please contact the Labour authority consult the corresponding o Labour guide.
  • For issues related to the obligations, infringements or sanctions arising from a breach of the order ESS/982/2013 you can contact the Labour inspection and Social security accordingly


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