Discontinuance of application for unemployment benefits

ONLY FOR ACCESS THROUGH CL@VE: In order to sign a process at the SEPE, should be the registration of advanced level in the system Cl@ve, either in person, an office to a public employee enabled for that purpose, or on-line, after authentication of the citizen through an electronic certificate recognized


With the withdrawal is left without the application for unemployment benefits submitted to the public employment service, i.e. State, it is not submitted his application.

The withdrawal may be admitted only if submitted prior to that request has been resolved. You Can consult the state of application check your "" delivery.

For this service is to be identified through digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password obtained through Cl@ve system.

To complete the procedures that require signature, it is imperative, when accessed with username and password cl@ve, mobile phone and matches in cl@ve.

In the form, shall fulfil the following fields:

  • Date of submission of that desistes.
  • Type of application: high, resumption, extension or capitalization.
  • Type of benefit: contributory benefit, grant, renta activa de inserción (RAI), farm income SEASS or subsidy.

Once you have filled in the form, you must confirm the request to produce effects. To confirm the request of discontinuance, you ’ ll get in and protected screen with your identification data and made the effort.

Below, as proof of application of discontinuance, you can download an acknowledgement of receipt, which you can print to keep or keep on your PC. This reservation contains a registration number, date of registration and the hour.

Important: if you are a person employee of the sea, you cannot do this procedure through this website. Please go to the offices of the Instituto Social de la Marina.

In order to desist from the web is necessary to have digital certificate or electronic identity card