Available certific@ transaction 2 for sending files for communication of activity of social protectionlinked to the Mecanismo RED.
In no case can communicate periods of activity (XML files) to social protection linked to the Mecanismo RED through the certific@ transaction 2 for the periods of activity/inactivity by ERTE and discontinuous fixed for different processes. This would create the wrong not pay for the protection of persons affected by the Mecanismo RED.
If they had been sent XML files with this information, for the delivery RED, by means of communication for ERTE, should become a report on the right path.

Shipment telematic periods of activity

This service allows submission through The Internet by companies of the transmission of communications of periods of activity and other situations during campaigns fijos-discontinuos or workers during periods of suspension or reduction of the ordinary working, authorized by File.

What is it?

It is about providing the opportunity to inform the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) any company that had access to Internet, periods of activity and other situations during campaigns fijos-discontinuos or workers during periods of suspension or reduction of the ordinary working, authorized by File.

This communication can be made using the application of technology XML, through the treatment of XML files whose dispatch management manual. A user to, once the XML file has been created, proceed to select it and send it to the SEPE.

For the generation of this XML file, there is an assistant within the Certific@ implementation 2 .

How does?

To use Certific@ implementation 2 users, people must have permission to the data transmission telematics public employment services, obtained previously as defined in the implementation Contrat@, or electronic signature issued by any of the certification authorities.

For XML files sent through access to the application Certific@ 2 , there are two levels of control:

  • Format Control is carried out in real time, in the same time, which sends the file. In case of detection of error, specifies The file is sent for trial in the SEPE. Otherwise the file is sent to the SEPE for processing.
  • Other controls. Was held when the file has been sent to the SEPE. As a result of this second level of control, there shall be to send an email to report to the final outcome of the process: processed properly or rejected, in which case be annexed to the errors detected.

In addition, each shipment can be put up 10 XML files.

Those users of the implementation Certific@ 2 should either report the data of labour activity of the month or previous months. The communication of periods of activity can be carried out during the 24 hours a day 365 days a year, taking the prior authorization of the worker.

Telematic transmission of data by an authorized user on the periods of employment of workers discontinuous or affected by a record in employment regulations of suspension or reduction of time, will allow the management by the operator of the request for the reopening of benefits and unemployment benefits of such workers.

What are the benefits?

The mode of Application Only unemployment benefit, to charge the delivery during all periods of inactivity in the same COMPONENTS HAVE BEEN or the same activity sets dashed, without the need to present each time departing temporarily in the work request for resumption of allowance in employment office, provided that the company uses this Certific@ implementation 2 to inform the SEPE periods of activity.


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