Telematics sending of company certificates

This service allows the sending through Internet, by companies, the company certificates of termination by suspension or termination of the employment relationship.

What is it?

Is to offer the possibility to inform the public employment service State (SEPE) to any company that have Internet access certificates of termination of employment with the workers.

This communication can be made using different ways:

1.Through the implementation of the technology XML. Using this technology provides two distinct ways to reach the SEPE cease certificates:

  • By treating XML file whose management of shipment ismanual. Requires the intervention of a user to, once the XML file has been created, proceed to select it and send it to SEPE.
  • By treating XML file whose management is sending automated through the use of web services. This is a task of neglected character that requires no intervention by any user.

This technology allows communication of certificates of cease to both companies with a single account for quotation as companies that have more than one account for quotations.

2.Through the introduction online Certificate data in a cessation web form.

How does the service?

To use the application Certific@2, users must have permission to telematic transmission of data to public employment services, obtained previously as defined in the implementation Contrat@, or electronic signature issued by any certification authorities.

The service operates differently depending on the method chosen (see page What is it?) to make the communication of certificates of cessation:

1. For those companies that were decided by the use of technology XML.

For any of the two systems of sending of certificates of cease-SEPE using this technology (see page What is it?), businesses should generate XML files under a single outline published by this Agency. In this schema specifies the structure of the files of communication that companies should send.

Main features in the operation of both services:

  • For files XML sent through access to the application Certific@2, i.e. sent through manual intervention, there are two levels of control:
    • Format Control in real time, at the very moment in which it sends the file. In case of error detected, specifies That and the file is not sent for processing in the SEPE. otherwise the file is sent to the SEPE for processing.
    • Remaining controls. Was held when the file has been sent to SEPE. As a result of this second level of control, proceed to send an email informing the final outcome of the process: processed correctly or rejected, in which case attach the errors detected.

      In addition, in each shipment you can append until10XML file.
  • For files XML sent via the use of web services, and as a service totally neglected, the company will carry out the necessary computer adjustments to support this management.

    This section includes two services that are available for use:
    • Web service data communication through which shipments are made of files XML. As a response to the shipment, the SEPE attached and returns to the company a number, that uniquely identifies the sending done.
    • Query web service. After sending identifier previously received, it is possible to use this service to know what the situation is the communiqué XML file (received or in the process), and in the case of having been processed, it will be met by a file containing the final result of the process: processed correctly or rejected, in which case attach the errors detected.

Male and female workers included in the files XML to send by any of the two above services can belong to companies with a single account of quotation or businesses with more than one account for quotations.

2. For those companies that decide for the option of introduction of data via a web form.

The use of this option implies the introduction of each of the data that make up a certificate of cessation in a similar way as are completed in the printed on paper, with the following characteristics:

  • Record immediate of the certificate in the databases of Certific@2once the same data have been completed correctly.
  • Generation of the printed version in PDF format.
  • Availability of all possible values in some of the fields (type of contract, profession, cause of suspension/extinction), which prevents can communicate values nonexistent.
  • Logical controls and constraints in the fields of dates (date of high in the company, suspension date/extinction, value date,?), which prevents can communicate dates wrong.
  • Mandatory controls (identification of representative, group of quotation, date of high in the company,) and controls crusaders between different fields (cause of suspension/extinction and number,), which prevents stop communicating data required.
  • Controls on the amounts of quotation, being topados with maximum established.
  • Data from the company and the worker (name and number of Social security) provided by the system, from the identification of the account of quotation and NIF/NIE of the worker or the worker, respectively.
  • Possibility to consult the same information in the back of the printed on paper (regulations, filling instructions and data protection law), through aid buttons located along the form.

What are the benefits?

This service of telematic shipment of certificates of company is useful for companies, since it streamlines, simplifies and automates the process of facilitating this documentation to SEPE, replacing delivery to the worker in paper format.

The certificate of company of termination of employment is a document of vital importance for the recognition of unemployment benefits, so it is important to facilitate this documentation to public service jobs, avoiding the displacement of the worker to your office. Additionally, will be essential for future implementation of a recognition service On-line benefits.

This service, in collaboration with companies, contributes to achieving the goal of boosting electronic administration.

As regards the availability of the service (XML file, web service, web form), the system allows for shipments of certificates of cessation during the 24 hours per day in any of the 365 days of the year.

Add to this the important step involved in the automation of the process of sending the application of web service, as well as technological independence of the use of the web form, as it does not require any special knowledge or software development by companies, having as only requirement to have Internet access.


Project Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund