Employers working people in the service of the home can enter through Cl@ve using id card/Certificate or electronic Cl@ve permanent.

Telematic shipping company certificates

This service allows submission through The Internet by companies of the company certificates of terminations for suspension or termination, as well as the referral by employers in the case of working people in the service of the household.

What is it?

How does?



What are the benefits?

This service of the telematic company certificates is useful for companies, as can be expedited, simplifies and automates the process to facilitate the documentation to SEPE, thus substituting its delivery to the worker in paper format.

The Certificate of termination of employment is a highly important document for the recognition of unemployment benefits, and so it is important to provide this documentation to the public employment service, avoiding the displacement of the worker to his office. It will be essential for future implementation of a recognition of service allowances On-line.

This service, in collaboration with businesses, contributes to achieving the goal of promoting electronic administration.

With regard to the availability of service (XML file, web service, web form), the system allows for shipments of certificates of cessation during 24 hours a day in any of the 365 days of the year.

In addition, there are the significant step is to automate the process of sending the implementation of the web service, as well as technological independence of the use of the web form, as it does not require any special knowledge or software development by companies, as the only requirement to have Internet access.


Project Co-Financed by the european Regional development fund