Delivery of ELearning training actions through

In the area of public employment service state, this is the access point for training entities accredited to the eLearning modality produced in electronic form and submit via the electronic record of public service state employment any of these steps:

  • The request for authorization to provide, in the form of e-learning, a formative action of certificate of professionalism with private funding.
  • The communication of beginning of the formative actions of certificates of professionalism already authorized by the SEPE.

If once the public employment service has authorized State delivery through an eLearning formative action of certificate of professionalism, conditions change concerning the tutores-formadores that taught or training module practice in workplace, this is also the access point to request, between the following, complementary authorization is required for the development of this formative action already authorized:

  • The request for authorization of synchronization of the module of practical training in workplace.
  • The request for authorization of extension of beginning of the module of practical training in workplace.
  • The request for authorization of equivalence of professional experience in teaching experience.
  • The request for authorization of enlargement of the maximum number of tutores-formadores.

Here you can also consult the online status of each of these procedures.

To complete each request for authorization or communication of beginning, go to the appropriate application through the link that is located at the bottom of this page and then log in through its digital certificate staff, its DNIe Cl@ve or card. it is not identified until this prompted.

Fill in each of the sections of the procedure chosen, in the most complete and accurate as possible. Each section consists of a screen. The passage from one screen to another stores the information entered. this way, you can interrupt the completion and pick up at another time, conserving in draft form data already supplied.

When prompted accredit the information that was on an application or in the communication of beginning, must digitize and attach the justification document.

Will not be admitted applications or communication of beginning submitted without being accompanied by supporting documentation that in each case be sued. When you can replace the presentation of the justification document by a statement responsible for the applicant, you must register with the public employment service State the documentation accrediting the reality of the data contained in it when the same required.

For the communication of startup, you need to use the tracking web service implemented by the entity accredited training, which will be invoked by the systems of public service state employment to validate that information concerning the formative action whose beginning seeks to communicate conforms to which authorized through the request and is consistent with respect to the standard-up specified in Annex V of the command TMS/369/2019, 28 March (also available in documents data model for tracking accions formatives taught in eLearning modality and definition of web service follow accions formatives taught in eLearning mode (WSDL), published on its website).

The completion of the information that should be given in the communication from start is done, almost in its entirety, in an automated manner. That is to say, it is not necessary insertion manual, but is extracted from the web service entity accredited training, consequently, you might have previously registered in the same, and providing complete proofs of content.

When you have finished the completion of applications or communication of startup, fírmelas and tramítelas electronically. once you have been sent, it is not possible to modify the information contained in the same. If you wish, you can save a copy or print it by clicking on the corresponding options.

If applications submitted does not meet the requirements, we notify the direction enabled for that purpose, in the maximum period of 10 days, the applicant cured accompany or misconduct prescriptive documents, indicating that if they fail to do so, you will abandoned its request, as established in Article 68 the law 39/2015, 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations.

Once submitted through the electronic record of public service state employment, Start communication marks the beginning of the proceedings of up to the formation regulated by law 30/2015, 9 September and in Article 18 the royal decree 34/2008, 18 January.