Request for the statement of exceptionality

What is the declaration of exceptional?

In compliance with implementation, 50 or more employees who do not comply with the obligation to recruitment in accordance with the booking fee for persons with disabilities are required to submit, through their legal representatives, declaration of exceptional and authorization for the implementation of alternative measures. Equally, they are obliged to report annually supporting measures in the three subsequent years while the authorization is in force.

The SEPE available through the electronic, a program of these requests, only to be used by employers with job centres in more than an autonomous region, provided that the staffing table of the set of points at autonomous community of not more than 85 per cent of all staff in the company, in which case the application shall be made to the competent body in respect of employment in the autonomous community.

How to access to the implementation

Should be installed updated Self-Signature.
It is necessary to be in possession of an electronic certificate of a natural person (only) or be registered in permanent Key-signature. However, at the end of the signature will be asked to append the explicit

NOTICE: The submission of the justification form or justification report (annual measures) will be presented in the Electronic Registry of the SEPE as always, except in the case of justifications corresponding to applications from 2022 onwards. In this case, its presentation will be made through the application available in this Electronic Office of the SEPE.

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