Request for unemployment subsidy for casual workers of SEASS. Step 1 of 14

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Withgeneralto access the agricultural subsidy the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be the employed worker casual inscribed on the census of special system for salaried workers Agrarian included in the General regime of Social security (SEASS) and high or similar service.
  • Take home in some location of Andalucía or Extremadura .
  • Rent lack of any nature that annualisation exceed the amount of the minimum wage in force, excluding those extra pay, and, in its case, incomes of family unity that exceed the legal limit established according to the number of members.
  • Being unemployed and registered as a jobseeker.
  • Tener cubierto en el SEASS o en el antiguo REASS un mínimo de 35 real days listed in the 12 months prior to the situation of unemployment, or a minimum of 20 if it has been days perceiver Community employment in the year 1 . 983 grant perceiver or in the preceding year.
  • Does not meet the minimum age allowing a contributory pension of retirement, except that the worker is not credited quotations sufficient for accessing such pension.
  • Keep abreast of the quotation to special system for salaried workers Agrarian included in the General regime of Social security, by periods of inactivity in which corresponds to the worker the obligation to contribute and enter the quotation, in the twelve calendar months immediately preceding the application, or during the period in which exists obligation to contribute to SEASS or the old REASS if it is less than twelve months.
  • If the applicant and/or your spouse, are owners, tenants, sharecroppers or similar concept for holders of farms, the income derived from farms, in the previous year to the request may not exceed the amount of the minimum wage in force excluding special payments.
  • Have extinguished agricultural subsidies or the old previous REASS allowance and have at least one year passed since birth.
  • Having been a beneficiary of agricultural subsidies or old REASS subsidy sometime during the three natural years immediately prior to the date of application of the same and at least have elapsed 12 months since the beginning of the Last perceived benefit.
  • Not be beneficiary of periodic payment of Social security incompatible with the work or whose amount exceeds the minimum wage in force, in annualisation, excluding the proportional part of the special payments.
  • Not be doing a salaried working full-time or a self-employment.

The deadline for submitting the application of the allowance is 15 days of the situation of unemployment or, in their case, commencing from that have elapsed 12 months, at least, since the birth of the previous right to this allowance, otherwise wither days.

If you have 52 years of age and meets the requirements to access the special agricultural subsidy older 52 years, you will need to request It as a priority.ayuda