Self-employed worker with disabilities

Workers who establish themselves as self-employed must provide documentary proof that the amount received is intended for the investment necessary to carry out the activity. Otherwise, it will imply improper collection of the same and its refund will proceed.

The self-employed worker who intends to start a professional activity on their own and proves to have a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% will receive the amount corresponding to the investment necessary to carry out the activity with the limit of the total amount of benefit pending receipt .

A worker with a disability is considered to be one who has it recognized by the IMSERSO or the corresponding Autonomous Community body, or by resolution of the INSS, the Ministry of Economy and Finance or the Ministry of Defense that recognizes the status of pensioner for total permanent disability. , absolute or great invalidity, or retirement or retirement due to permanent incapacity for service or uselessness.