Aid Payment of the amount of the contributory benefit and subsidy of the amount of the social security contributions

If the worker is interested in receiving in a single payment the payment of the benefit and the subsidy of Social Security quotas, he must make the request for both in the same act.

This modality is addressed to the beneficiaries of benefits when they intend to join, in a stable way, as worker or work partners in cooperatives or in already created labor companies or to constitute them, when said beneficiaries intend to constitute themselves as self-employed workers or through a mercantile company on the that it is going to be owned or is in effective control of it, with the legally established limits.

In the event that you opt for the payment in a single payment of the present value of the amount of the contributory benefit, the managing entity may pay the beneficiaries of contributory unemployment benefits up to 100 percent of the present value of the amount of said tax. benefit to initiate self-employment independently or for the capital contribution of a mercantile company over which the effective control of it will be owned or owned and a professional activity will be exercised in it.

If you do not obtain the total amount of your benefit in a single payment to finance the initial investment, you can simultaneously request payment of the remaining amount to complete 100% to finance the cost of Social Security contributions during the course of your activity. as a self-employed worker. In this case, a fixed amount equivalent to the amount of the quotas that you have entered as a self-employed worker of the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers, Sea Workers or Social Security Agrarians will be paid monthly in the first month after start of activity.