Help Payment in a single payment of the current value of the amount of the contributory benefit

This method involves paying the present value of the amount of the contributory-level unemployment benefit to the beneficiaries of benefits when they intend to join, in a stable way, as working or working partners in cooperatives or in already created or constituted labor companies, or when said Beneficiaries intend to establish themselves as self-employed workers or capitalize the benefit to allocate their amount to make a contribution to the capital stock of a mercantile entity newly constituted or constituted within a maximum period of twelve months prior to the contribution, provided that they will have effective control of the same and to exercise in it a professional activity, framed in the Special Regime of Social Security for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers or in the Special Regime of Social Security for Sea Workers.

The payment of the benefit will be made at one time and can reach up to 100 percent of the amount of the benefit capitalized, or for the amount corresponding to the investment necessary to carry out the activity in the case of self-employed workers, as well as for the contribution to the share capital of a commercial entity over which they have effective control and in which they will carry out a professional activity, to the mandatory contribution established in general in each cooperative, or to the acquisition of shares or participations in the share capital in a labor company, in these cases, as necessary to gain membership.

In addition to allocating the single payment of the benefit to defray the costs of setting up and operating an entity, as well as the payment of fees and taxes, they may allocate up to 15 percent of the amount of the benefit capitalized to the payment of specific advisory, training and information services related to the activity to be undertaken.