Request for income

Help about the type of rents that should declare the applicant

Paragraph The applicant incomes must be completed in all cases.

Paragraph Data and spouse's income provided that must be met his wife live or economically dependent on applicant.

Paragraph Data and incomes of children must be completed by the applicant whenever you have minor children 26 years, or adults with disabilities, or children whenever coexist with him or economically dependent of the applicant.

You must specify all the income derived, provided they are kept at the time of the request, by the applicant and members of his family unit in the month preceding the date of request, whatever the marital property regime, its origin and nature, with general character for his gross amount and taking into account the following specific considerations:

  • Work/Pensions: Includes the total gross revenues of posted work (except those that in which has ceased the applicant or members of his family unit), scholarships or other similar aid, as well as the amount of compensation for termination of employment contract that exceed the legal compensation. It excludes, the income derived by the applicant for work of social partnership and wages for work compatible with unemployment benefits in programmes for promoting employment. Includes gross income of all kinds of pensions and benefits, including pensions and salaries social or similar, except the provision of Social security child and advance payment of tax deduction of working women with children under 3 years.

    Individual rents's spouse or child abuser does not count as family incomes, and should not be considered as part of the family unit of the victim to effects of computation of incomes.

  • Furniture Capital:Includes the gross proceeds of bank accounts and financial investments.
  • Real estate Capital: Includes the gross proceeds from the leased properties and the charges of incomes of real estate, no different rented and habitual housing.
  • Professional activities/agrarias: Show reduced net performance (costs less income) of the different types of activities on its own account, and the net amount of subsidies to farming.
  • Other income: Include the incomes of the surplus property or gains arising from the sale of movable and immovable, except the habitual housing, lottery prizes or similar and performance alleged of heritage, investment funds or retirement plans, obtained by the application of the rules of the calculation of the income.