Active insertion income application

Initial high aid for reincorporation to active insertion income

To request reincorporation to the program, you must register as a job seeker and activate the Activity Commitment, within the fifteen days following the cessation of self-employment, return to Spain or release.

The request after the deadline will mean the loss of so many days of income and contribution to Social Security, as between the day after the cessation of self-employment or the day of return and the day of the request.

In the case of meeting the requirement of lack of income individually or of the family unit, you may request reincorporation to the program provided that the concurrence of said requirements is accredited again, within the period of six months from the date of withdrawal temporary in the program.

In the case of termination of full-time employment, the perception of active insertion income will be recovered ex officio, provided that the worker is registered as a job seeker.