Active insertion income application

Initial high help for long-term unemployed

You must meet, in addition to the general requirements, the following:

  • Be 45 years of age at the time of application.
  • Be continuously registered in the employment office as unemployed for 12 or more months, during which you must actively seek employment, without having refused an adequate job offer, or having refused to participate in actions to increase employability.

    Demand is considered interrupted:

    • If you have worked 90 or more days in the year prior to the application date.
    • If you have gone abroad, for any reason or duration, except if said departure has been due to marriage or the birth of a child, death or serious illness of the spouse or relatives up to the second degree, or fulfillment of an inexcusable duty of a public or personal nature, provided that in these cases the stay abroad has not exceeded 15 calendar days. In cases of demand interruption, an uninterrupted period of 12 months will be required from the new registration.
  • It is mandatory to provide the documentation of the active job search declaration (BAE) to prove before the State Public Employment Service that at least three active job search actions have been carried out, as established in Royal Decree-Law 16 / 2014, of December 19.
  • Not have been a beneficiary of the Active Insertion Income program in the 365 calendar days prior to the date of application for the right to admission to the program.
  • Having terminated the contributory-level unemployment benefit and / or the assistance-level unemployment benefit, unless the termination has occurred due to the imposition of a sanction and not being entitled to these benefits. The worker who has extinguished the unemployment subsidy or the agricultural income in favor of the eventual agrarian will not meet the requirement, not having extinguished any other type of unemployment benefit or subsidy.