Unemployment benefit application

Income statement help in monthly calculation

The Revenue section of the applicant must be completed in all cases.

The section Data and income of the spouse and Data and income of the children must be completed whenever you have a spouse and / or children under the age of 26 or older with disabilities, as well as foster children, who live with the applicant or who are financially at your charge, except when requesting the subsidy for those over 52 years of age, of returned migrants, of those released from prison, for a review of disability or exhaustion of contributory benefit without family responsibilities, or the special for those over 45 years of age.

You must indicate all the income obtained by you, your spouse and children in the month prior to the date of the application, regardless of the matrimonial property regime, its origin and nature, generally for its gross amount and taking into account the following specific considerations:

  • Work / Pensions: Includes the total gross income from work for someone else (except for the one in which the applicant or the members of his family unit has ceased), scholarships or other similar aid, as well as the amount of compensation by termination of the employment contract that exceeds the legal compensation. Income obtained by the applicant for social collaboration work and the applicant's wages received for jobs compatible with unemployment benefits in Employment Promotion Programs are excluded. It includes the gross income of all kinds of pensions and benefits, including alimony and social wages or the like, except the Social Security benefit for dependent children and the early collection of the tax deduction for working women with children under the age of 3 years.
  • Movable capital:  Includes gross returns from bank accounts and financial investments.
  • Real estate capital: It includes the gross returns of the leased real estate and the imputations of rents of real estate, not leased and different from the habitual residence.
  • Professional / agricultural activities: They indicate the reduced net return (income less expenses) of the different types of self-employment activities, as well as the net amount of subsidies to agricultural activity.
  • Other income: They include the income from capital gains or capital gains derived from the sale of movable and immovable property, except that of the habitual residence, lottery prizes or similar and the presumed performance of the patrimony, investment funds or retirement plans, obtained by the application of the rent calculation rule.