Unemployment benefit application

Initial high help over 52 years

In addition to the general requirements, you must meet the following:

  • Be unemployed and be registered as a job seeker for a period of one month from the day following the exhaustion of the contributory benefit, without having rejected the offer of employment or having refused to participate, unless justified, in promotion, training or professional retraining. Be 52 years of age or older as of the application date. If you accept a placement of less than 12 months during the waiting month, it will be suspended until the end of the month.
  • To have reached 52 years of age on the date of exhaustion of the contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy, or to have reached this age when meeting the requirements to access any of the following subsidies: for exhaustion of the contributory benefit, returned emigrant, review by improvement of an invalidity, released from prison or insufficient contributions for contributory benefit, or fulfill it during the perception of these or on the date on which the waiting period of one month is fulfilled in the case of the subsidies that require it.
  • Meet all the requirements, except age, to access the contributory retirement pension in the Spanish Social Security System.
  • Have contributed for unemployment a minimum of 6 years throughout their working life.
  • Be included in any of the following cases:
  • Haber agotado una prestación contributiva por desempleo.
    • Having exhausted a contributory unemployment benefit.
    • Be a returned emigrant without the right to unemployment tax benefit.
    • Be released from prison without the right to unemployment tax benefit and have been deprived of liberty for more than six months.
    • Have been declared fully capable or partially invalid as a result of a review file for improvement of a situation of great disability, absolute or total permanent disability for the usual profession.
    • Being in a legal unemployment situation, not being entitled to contributory unemployment benefit for not having covered the minimum contribution period (12 months), provided that they have contributed at least three months.

If you have worked abroad:

  • If it has been in the European Union, European Economic Area, Australia or Switzerland, to prove the contributions you must provide Document E-301 or equivalent.