Unemployment benefit application

Initial high aid due to insufficient contribution

You must meet, in addition to the general requirements, the following:

  • Have contributions, in a Social Security system that contemplates the unemployment contingency, at least three months if you have family responsibilities or six months if you do not have them, and have not covered the minimum contribution period to be entitled to contributory benefit (360 days).

Family responsibilities are considered to be in charge of the spouse, children under the age of 26, disabled elderly or foster children, when the income of the entire family unit including the applicant, divided by the number of members, does not exceed 75% of the Minimum Wage Interprofessional, excluding the proportional part of two extraordinary payments. The spouse or children with incomes above the aforementioned limit will not be considered in charge.

In the case of victims of gender or domestic violence, the victim will not be considered the victim of the attacking spouse or child, nor will they be counted as a member of the family unit, nor will their income be taken into account.