Unemployment benefit application

Aid initial high special subsidy over 45 years

In addition to the general requirements, you must meet the following:

  • Be 45 years old on the date of exhaustion of the benefit.
  • Having exhausted a 720-day contributory-level unemployment benefit.
  • Discontinuous permanent workers, including those who perform fixed and periodic jobs that are repeated on certain dates, while maintaining said condition, will not be able to obtain this subsidy during periods of intermittent or seasonal activity. However, they may obtain it when their employment relationship is terminated, provided that they meet the aforementioned requirements or if, in addition to meeting the general requirements when:
    • Have contributions as discontinuous fixed or for fixed and periodic jobs that are repeated on certain dates a minimum of nine years throughout their working life and have exhausted a contributory unemployment benefit of any duration.

This subsidy is preferred to the exhaustion of the contributory benefit with or without family responsibilities.