Tax benefit application

Help type of benefit

Initial registration

If you are in a legal unemployment situation and have paid for unemployment for a minimum period of 360 days, within the 6 years prior to the legal unemployment situation or at the time the obligation to contribute ceased.


If you are the beneficiary of a contributory benefit and it is suspended, you may request its resumption once the cause of suspension has ended.

Option for new right

If you have approved a right to a contributory benefit that has not been exhausted and you place yourself doing work for others equal to or greater than 360 uninterrupted days, or you do work lasting less than 360 days, but you do not resume the service when said work ends Adding between them 360 days or more, said benefit is extinguished. However, when you lose said job, you can choose to reopen the previous benefit, with the base percentages and caps it had at the time and for the period you had left, or receive the new benefit generated with the latest contributions.

You should know that if you opt for the previous benefit, the contributions generated by this last job will not be taken into account for the recognition of a later right.

The option right can be exercised at the time of the request (if you resume the benefit you had before placing yourself), or within ten days after notification of the approval of the new benefit (if you have requested the initial registration of the benefit) always in writing and expressly ruling on the benefit you prefer.

If you do not communicate in the indicated periods which benefit is the one you prefer, it will be understood that you opt for the new benefit generated with the latest quotes. In this case, the documentation to be presented is the same as that specified for the initial registration.

Compatibility option for part-time work

In the event that you are receiving a contributory benefit and you are placed in a part-time job, you can make it compatible with the benefit. In this case, the part proportional to the time worked will be deducted from the amount of your benefit and for each compatible day, a full day of benefit will be consumed.

Self-employment support

By means of this option, you can make the perception of the contributory unemployment benefit compatible with the start of an activity on your own, for a maximum of 270 days, or for the shortest time pending receipt, when the following is met:

  • That you request compatibility within 15 days from the start date of the activity on your own.

Option of compatibility with an entrepreneur support contract

By means of this option you can combine each month, together with the salary, the perception of 25% of the contributory benefit that you were receiving and that you have yet to consume at the time of hiring, if full-time employment is carried out under the indefinite-term employment contract to support entrepreneurs.

The right to the compatibility of the benefit will take effect from the start date of the employment relationship, provided that you request it within fifteen days from it. After this period, you will not be able to take advantage of it.

Compatibility will be maintained exclusively during the term of the contract with the maximum limit of the duration of the benefit pending receipt. In the event of cessation of work that involves a legal situation of unemployment, you may choose to request a new benefit or to resume the benefit pending receipt. In this case, only 25 percent of the time in which the benefit was compatible with work will be considered as the period consumed.

To make it compatible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • That at the start date of the contract has received contributory unemployment benefit for at least three months.
  • That until the date of registration in Social Security as a result of the signing of said contract, has been a recipient of the contributory benefit.