Through this service you may request the following types of certificates:

  • Certificate of IRPF exercise 2019 . To obtain the certificate click here.
  • Status: certifies the situation of or may not be beneficiary of unemployment benefits at the date of your request.
  • Current delivery: certifies the period and the amount of monthly allowance received at the date of request.
  • For amounts period: certifies the amounts paid as unemployment benefits during the period of time indicated.
  • Anuale amountss: certifies the amounts paid for a year as unemployment benefits.
  • Of IRPF of prior periods.
  • Certificateof outstandingto receive: certifies the days and amount pending receipt for a recipient of an unemployment benefit.

To access this service is necessary to identify through digital certificate, DNI electronic or username and password obtained through theCl@ve systemor data of contrast.

For more information on this procedure can consult the guide of use.