Through this service you may request the following types of certificates

Videoguía para obtener el certificado IRPF

This guide for use in video format, shows the steps followed to obtain PERSONAL certificate
  • Situation: certifies the situation of being or not a beneficiary of unemployment benefits on the date of its request.
  • Current deliveryperiod: certifies the monthly amount and the provision, which is delivered to the date of request.
  • Funding for each period.: certifies the amounts paid as unemployment benefits during the period of time specified.
  • Annual amounts: certifies the amounts paid for one year as unemployment benefits.
  • IRPF of prior period.
  • Certificate outstanding amounts see: certifies the days and outstanding amount collected for a beneficiary of an unemployment benefit.
  • . In domestic employment: certifies the situation of being or not a recipient of unemployment benefits in the regime of housemaids in your application.

For this service is necessary to identify with digital certificate, electronic identity card, username and password obtained through Cl@ve system pin or the mobile phone.

For more information on such measures can consult the notes of guidance.