Document management of the citizen

Videoguía to provide documentation

Description: this guide for use in video format, shows the steps in order to provide documentation you if you are requested to accredit and/or justify the provision or any variation or communication relating to the same

Through this option you can attach:

  • Documentation: that documentation requested by the SEPE to accredit and/or justify the provision.
  • Documentation to the citizen: that consider relevant documentation to justify some variation or credits or communication affecting the provision.

To access is required or Italy (digital certificate or username and password obtained through the system of Cl@ve.

In case of access with username and password of Cl@ve, with a view to signing the document in electronic form it will send you a message to the mobile number has been provided in the register of Cl@ve. It is therefore necessary to have mobile phone to finalize the process.

For more information you can check the notes of guidance.