Videoguía para realizar la consulta de prestaciones por desempleo

Esta guía de uso en formato video muestra las opciones que se pueden realizar al consultar el estado de la última prestación por desempleo (datos personales, recibos de nóminas, solicitudes, denegaciones e histórico de trámites)

Videoguía para consultar certificados de empresa

Esta guía de uso en formato video, muestra los pasos a seguir para que puedas consultar u obener una copia de los datos de certificados de empresa que hayan sido enviados por la misma

Through this service you can check the status of your unemployment benefit on your personal data, applications, last benefit payroll, receipts and denials.

You can consult the data of the company that has sent the company, as well as to obtain a copy of the company, which has ceased in your work.

For this service is necessary to identify with digital certificate, electronic identity card, username and password obtained through Cl@ve system pin or the mobile phone.

For more information on those steps you can check the notes of guidance.


If you are a beneficiary of by ERTE may consult the receipt didn ’ t see a than real and that will disappear in the forthcoming regularization. You can find more information in this explanatory note on inappropriate charges.

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