Communication of variation of Personal, family, employment or income

ONLY FOR ACCESS THROUGH CL@VE: In order to sign a process at the SEPE, should be the registration of advanced level in the system Cl@ve, either in person, an office to a public employee enabled for that purpose, or on-line, after authentication of the citizen through an electronic certificate recognized

Videoguía for communicating variation of personal, family, employment or income

This guide for use in video format, shows the steps followed to communicate changes of your data and personal incomes and those of the members of your family unit, as long as you are seeing some unemployment benefit, or you have benefited from it in the past six months.

Through this service you can communicate changes in data and personal incomes and of the members of your family unit, provided that seas beneficiary of unemployment benefits currently or have been during the past six months.

For this service is to be identified through digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password obtained through Cl@ve system.

To complete the procedures that require signature, it is imperative, when accessed with username and password cl@ve, mobile phone and matches in cl@ve.

For more information on each of these procedures, you can check the notes of guidance.