Registration of contracts for self-employed economically dependent (TAED)

What is it?

The Registration of contracts of self-employed economically dependent (Registration TAED) allows to conduct viewed the registration procedure of contracts for the realization of economic activity or professional economically dependent self-employed.

This register you can make your own economically dependent self-employed, the client or collegiate professionals acting on behalf of others.

What is needed to access?

Use this service you must have a good Digital Certificate Electronic DNI.


Indicative model TAED contract.

You can download the model contract de trabajador autónomo económicamente dependiente, conforme al Anexo I del Real Decreto197/2009, indicatively.

Legal regulation

Royal Decree 1541/2011 of 31 October, which develops the law 32/2010,5August, which establishes a specific system of protection for cessation of activity of self-employed workers.

Royal Decree 197/2009 of 23 February, which develops the status of self-employment contract in economically dependent self-employed and his record is created and the state registration professional associations of self-employed.

LAW 20/2007, 11 July, the status of self-employment.


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