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The RSS channels employment Single Portal

What is RSS?

The RSS Really Simple Syndication is a very simple method to follow the offers that are published in the Single Portal employment without having to access to the website continually to consult the new offerings. The updated information shown automatically in the RSS reader when there is an update.

How does it work?

If you want to use this service you can do so through the following options:

Once you have installed the program or has been discharged into a RSS online, you must indicate in the same those professional categories which it wishes to receive offers copying the direction that is opened by clicking on the link of the selected category.

Channel list of subscription classified by categories:

Agriculture/gardening/food _ Jardineria _ Alimentacion.xml
Warehouses/reponedores _ Reponedores.xml
Apprentices/first job _ PrimerEmpleo.xml
Architecture/design _ Diseno.xml
Commercial/sales _ Ventas.xml
Communication// entertainment culture _ Culture _ Entretenimiento.xml
https :// _ Transporte.xml
Dependent/information _ Informacion.xml
Right/psychology/social sciences
https :// _ Psicologia _ CienciasSociales.xml
Education/social services _ ServiciosSociales.xml
Electricity/electronics/energy _ Electronica _ Energia.xml
Industry factories/ _ Industria.xml
Hotel/tourism _ Turismo.xml
/Telecom computer _ Telecomunicaciones.xml
Quality// engineering sciences _ Quality _ Ciencias.xml
Cleaning/care _ CuidadoDePersonas.xml
Mechanical Metal/ _ Mecanica.xml
Hairdressing/aesthetics _ Estetica.xml
Health/sport _ Deporte.xml
Monitoring/services _ Servicios.xml

Specifically offers:

The first job search _ PrimerEmpleo.xml
Disabled _ Discapacitados.xml