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Legal notice

Compulsory general conditions

The present general conditions, available permanently low, link any actor reutilizador by the mere fact make use of documents subjected to them.

Authorization to reuse and non-exclusive assignment of intellectual property rights

The present general conditions allow the reuse of documents subjected to them for commercial and non-commercial use. Is understood by reuse the use of documents in the possession of the organs of the General Administration of the state and other agencies and public sector entities estatal referred to in Article 1.2 from Royal Decree 1495/2011, 24 October, which develops Law 37/2007, 16 November on reuse of public sector information state, by natural or legal persons, with commercial or noncommercial purposes, provided that such use does not constitute a public administrative activity. The reuse authorized includes, by way of example, activities such as copying, dissemination, modification, adaptation, extraction, reordering and combination of information. The concept of document is the established in subparagraph 2 article 3 the Law 37/2007, 16 November on reuse of public sector information, so it includes any information whatever material support or electronic as well as their form of expression graphic, sound or image used, including consequently also data in their levels more disaggregated or “brute”.

This authorization entails, also, the assignment free and not exclusive of intellectual property rights, in his case, for such documents, authorising the realization of activities of reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation, needed to develop the activity of reuse authorized, in any modality and under any format, for the whole world and the maximum allowed by law.

General conditions for reuse

The following general conditions apply for the reuse of documents submitted to them:

  1. It is forbidden to distort the meaning of information.

  2. The source of the documents subject to reuse should be cited. This appointment may be made as follows: "Origin of Data: Public Service of State Employment".

  3. The date of the last update of the documents that are reused should be mentioned, provided that it was included in the original document.

  4. It may not be indicated, insinuated or suggested that the State Public Employment Service, the owner of the reused information, participates, sponsors or supports the reuse that takes place with it.

  5. Metadata on the date of update and applicable reuse conditions, including, where appropriate, in the document made available for reuse, should be retained, altered or deleted.


The use of the data sets will be carried out by users or agents of the reuse at their own risk, and they are responsible exclusively to them for third parties for damages that may arise from it.
The Public Employment Service shall not be liable for the use of its information by re-use agents or for damages suffered or economic losses that, directly or indirectly, cause or may cause economic damage, materials or data, caused by the use of reused information.
The State Public Employment Service does not guarantee continuity in the making available of reusable documents, in content or in form, nor assumes responsibility for any errors or omissions contained therein.

Responsibility of the reuser agent

The re-use agent is subject to the applicable rules on the reuse of public sector information, including the sanctioning regime provided for in Article 11 of  Law 37/2007 of 16 November on the reuse of public sector information.