Initial high aid older52years

You must meet in addition to the general requirements, the following:

  • Be unemployed and be registered as a jobseeker during a month from the day following the exhaustion of contributory benefit, without having rejected job offer or refusing to participate, except justified cause, in promotional activities, training or retraining professionals. If You accept a placement of less than12months during the month of expected It shall be suspended until the end.
  • Having fulfilled52years in the date of contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy, or have accomplished this age at the time of eligible to access any of the following grants: by exhaustion of contributory benefit, emigrants returned, revision for improvement of a disability, released from prison or quotations insufficient to contributory benefit, or comply during the perception of Them or the date in which marks the waiting period of one month in the case of subsidies that require.
  • Meet all requirements, except the age, to access the retirement contributory pension in the Social security system Spanish.
  • Unemployment have contributed for a minimum of6years throughout their working lives.
  • Be included in any of the following:
    • Having exhausted contributory unemployment benefit.
    • Be emigrante returned without the right to contributory unemployment benefit.
    • Be released from prison without the right to contributory unemployment benefit and have been in detention for more than six months.
    • Having been declared fully capable or partial invalid as a result of file of revision by improvement in a situation of great invalidity, absolute permanent disability or total for the usual occupation.
    • Be legally unemployed, do not have the right to contributory unemployment benefit for not having filled the minimum number of contributions (12months), provided that it has contributed at least three months.

If you have worked abroad:

  • If it has been in the European Union, European Economic Area, Australia Swiss or, to demonstrate the quotations should bring E-Paper301or equivalent.

Relation of countries belonging to the European Union, European Economic Area, Swiss and Australia
United KingdomCzech republicRumania
  • If you have worked in a country that has an agreement with Spain on retirement, to demonstrate the quotations should make document stating their entire working life in that country.

Countries that have agreement with Spain on retirement

Above par. thankDominican RepublicPerú
In ArgentinaEquatorBalanced
AustraliaUnited StatesTúnez
Canadá (except At Least 1)MarruecosUruguay

The maximum length of this subsidy will be until you reach the age that allows you to access the contributory pension benefits.

During the perception of an allowance for over52years, the public employment service cotizará State for the contingency of retirement, remain the basis of the quotation125percent of existing minimum contribution in each moment.

This grant shall not apply to regular workers discontinuous including fixed jobs and newspapers that recur in dates certain while maintaining that status.

Workers who have exhausted contributory benefit an agrarian for possible may not have access directly to this allowance, even complying with the rest requirements.