High initial aid over 52 years

You must also comply with the general requirements, the following:

  • Being unemployed, and must be registered as a jobseeker during the period of one month from the day following contributory benefit, without rejecting the offer of employment or refusing to participate, unless justified cause, in the promotion, training or retraining. If You agree placements lasted less than 12 months during the month of expected This shall be suspended until the end of the memorandum.
  • Having fulfilled 52 years of contributory benefit or unemployment benefit, or have served that older persons in time to meet the requirements for access to any of the following allowances: by depletion of contributory benefit returning emigrant, review by improvement from a disability, released from prison and quotations insufficient to contributory comply, or during the perception of the parents or on the date on which marks the waiting period of one month in the case of subsidies.
  • Meet all requirements, except the age, to access the contributory retirement pension in the spanish Social security system.
  • Unemployment have contributed to a minimum of 6 years in the course of their working lives.
  • To be included in any of the following assumptions:
    • Having exhausted contributory unemployment benefit.
    • To be an emigrant returned with no right to contributory unemployment benefit.
    • To be released from prison, without the right of contributory unemployment benefit and have been in deprivation of liberty for more than six months.
    • Having been declared fully capable or partially invalid as a result of file improvement from major disability, absolute permanent disability or in full for the profession.
    • Be legally unemployed, do not have the right to contributory unemployment benefit for not having covered the minimum period of contribution ( 12 months), provided it has contributed at least three months.

If you have worked abroad:

  • If it has been in the european union, European Economic Area, Australia or Switzerland, to demonstrate the quotations must make Document E- 301 or equivalent.

Relationship of members of the european union, European Economic Area, switzerland and Australia
Germany Australia Austria
Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Denmark Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Estonia Finland
France Greece Hungary
Ireland Iceland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Norway
Netherlands Poland Portugal
United Kingdom Czech Republic Romania
Sweden Switzerland
  • If you have worked in a country that has agreement with Spain on retirement, to demonstrate the quotations should submit a document indicating their entire working life in that country.

Countries that have agreement with Spain on retirement

Andorra Dominican Republic Peru
Argentina Ecuador Russia
Australia United States Tunisia
Brazil Philippines Ukraine
Canada (except Quebec) Morocco Uruguay
Chile Mexico Venezuela
Colombia Paraguay

The maximum duration of this allowance will be until you reach the age to allow it to access the contributory pension benefits.

During the perception of the grant to persons 52 years the public employment service cotizará State by the contingency of retirement, remain the foundation of the quotation 125 percent of minimum ceiling laid down in each moment.

This allowance shall not be applicable to workers discontinuous including fixed work and newspapers that occur in certain while dates maintain that status.

Workers who have exhausted contributory agrarian contingency may not have access directly to this allowance, while serving the rest of the requirements.