Request for unemployment benefit

With a general nature to access the unemployment benefit you must meet the following requirements:

  • Being unemployed and registered as a jobseeker and adhere to the compromise of activity.
  • Not to receive unemployment benefit of level of contributors.
  • Lack of revenue, of any nature, monthly in computing, above 75 % the minimum wage, excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay.

If you have 52 years of age and meets the requirements for access to over 52 years, will have to apply It as a matter of priority to the rest of the subsidies. botón ayuda

The deadline for requesting the grant shall be 15 working days from the contingency in question

If your username/password current mobile phone should coincide with the display on the screen of domicile de residencia y datos de envío (paso 5 ). If not be required to the employment bureau for treatment.