Request for unemployment benefit for eventual SEASS workers

High Initial

With a general nature to access the agricultural subsidies the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • To be self-employed worker of a contingent nature inscribed on the special system for self-employed workers Farming included in the General Social security system (SEASS) and high or assimilated to high.
  • Have the address in any locality of Andalusia or Extremadura .
  • Their own lack of any nature in annual count exceeding the amount of the minimum wage in force, excluding extraordinary pay, and, where appropriate, of income of the family unit that exceed the legal debt limit set on the basis of the number of members.

    Exceptionally, to requests submitted between 27 january 2013 and 26 july 2013 result 20 actual days.
  • To be unemployed and registered as a jobseeker.
  • Tener cubierto en el SEASS o en el antiguo REASS un mínimo de 35 actual days listed in the 12 months prior to the situation of unemployment, or a minimum of 20 days if it has been receiving Community employment in the year 1 . 983 or recipient of the grant in the year immediately preceding it.
  • Not having attained the minimum age for achieving a contributory retirement pension, unless the employee is not showing sufficient contributions to accede to the pension.
  • Have paid contributions for the special system for self-employed workers Farming included in the General Social security system by periods of inactivity in which the worker is an obligation to contribute and to join the quotation, in the twelve calendar months immediately preceding the application, or during the period in which there is an obligation to contribute to the old SEASS or REASS if this is less than twelve months.
  • If the applicant and/or his spouse, they are owners and renters, sharecroppers, or similar for holders of farms, the income obtained from farms, in the year preceding the application may not exceed the amount of the minimum wage in force excluding extraordinary pay.
  • Have extinguished the agricultural subsidies or the old REASS allowance before and have at least one year since its birth.
  • Having been a beneficiary of the agricultural subsidies or old REASS grant sometime during the three calendar years immediately preceding the date of application of the same and have at least 12 months since the beginning of the last grant earned.
  • Not to be a recipient of benefits of regular payment of the Social security that are incompatible with work or whose amount is higher than the minimum wage in force, in annual count, excluding the proportionate share of the extraordinary pay.
  • They are not engaged in self-employed full-time or a self-employment.

The deadline for submission of the request of the allowance is 15 days of the situation of unemployment or, if any, starting from that have elapsed 12 months, at least from the birth of the former right to childcare supplement, in another case will shrivel days.

If you have 52 years of age and meets the requirements for access to agricultural subsidies for over 52 years, will have to apply It as a matter of priority. ayuda