Request for single payment of unemployment benefit

With general character to qualify for Single Payment must meet the following requirements:

  • Be beneficiary of unemployment benefit of contributory level, for termination of the employment relationship.
  • Take pending receive at least three months.
  • Not having obtained recognition of the single payment of unemployment benefit, in any of the possible modalities, in the previous four years.
  • Economic activity that seeks to make must be framed in any of the following areas:
    • Constitute a cooperative or joining an already constituted, as a partner worker or working stable and not temporary.
    • Pose a society labour or joining an already constituted as a partner worker or working stable and not temporary.
    • Develop an activity as liberal professional or as self-employed worker in any Social security system.
  • Begin the activity in the maximum period of one month since the resolution of granting right, and in any case, dating after the application.

If he challenged the termination of employment origin of unemployment benefit, the single payment request must be filed after it has been solved the corresponding procedure.

Workers who receive unemployment benefit in the form of single payment will not be able to receive unemployment benefit until that time has not equal to that capitalized benefits, or request a new capitalization at least until it within four years.

Obligations of workers:

  • File with the managing body the supporting documentation of the start of the activity.
  • Justify documentary evidence that the amount goes to the compulsory social contribution, in the case of cooperatives or industrial societies, or the investment required to develop the activity, in the case of self-employed, with or without handicap. Otherwise, it will be charging the same abuse and proceed to your return.

In order to resolve the single payment request must append, introducing the application, documentation appropriate according to the mode of single payment and activity that seeks to start.

In the event that seeks to form a cooperative or labour society, or start a self-employed, one of the documents that must append is an explanatory report of the investment project to perform and activity to develop. therefore, we inform you of the minimum content that must include in the explanatory memorandum.

  • Personal data.
    • Name and name.
    • National identity card or NIE.
  • Project data.
    • Description of the activity to develop. (to provide Services or goods to produce, new activity or activity in operation …).
    • Home, town and province where will develop the activity.
    • Local data where you will make the activity:
      • Indicate if you need it or not, for the development of the activity.
      • Indicate whether account with the local or not and, in its case, if it is property, if it is to acquire or if it is to rent, and the cost of purchase or rent.
      • Also, in its case, indicate the direction of local.
    • Legal framework within which will develop the activity:
      • Cooperative.
      • Labour society (anonymous or of limited liability).
      • Corporation.
      • Autonomous worker.
      • Community property or civil society irregular.
      • Liberal professional high in the Vocational college.

      In the case of cooperatives or industrial societies, communities of goods or civil societies irregular, will be expression of the identity of the partners or comuneros.

    • Due date to the start of the activity (albeit preceding the approbatory resolution, whenever subsequent to the date of application).
  • Total Capital needed for the development of:
    • Amount of contributions to the cooperative including the entry fee.
    • Amount of disbursement necessary for the acquisition of shares or representation of the work or commercial society.
    • Amount of the planned investment for a self-employed.
    • Planned distribution, investment indicated:
      • Fixed assets (property, rights of transfer, machinery, elements of transport, computer equipment, other).
      • Current assets (goods, raw material, other).
      • Requirements for the start of the activity or the constitution and operation of an entity (tax burdens, legiació costs, renting).
      • Until15% of expenditure by advisory services, training and information.
      • Indicate whether it planned, or not, hiring workers.
  • Form of financing.
    • Own Capital (savings, etc.).
    • Foreign Capital (input of family, friends, subsidies, etc.).
    • En el caso de créditos bancarios o de entidades financieras, se hará constar:
      • Total amount of credit.
      • Interest rate.
      • Repayment period.
      • Cost of depreciation.
    • Capitalization (amount that seeks in concept of single payment, according to the needs of investment, the input mandatory or the established legal cap for self-employed workers, in his case.

It is not necessary to include in the memory the content of the points3and4following when requests payment Only exclusively for the grant of Social security contributions.

Capitalization: Amount that seeks for payment Only according to the input compulsory established with general character in each cooperative, or the amount of the acquisition of shares or representation of social capital in a society labour, in both cases, as needed to access the status of partner or the investment required to develop the activity in the case of self-employed workers with disabilities.

Payment of unemployment benefit in its mode of single payment can attain until100% of their amount to cover the investment required to initiate a self-employment autonomously or through a company on the possessing the effective control.

In addition to direct the provision in single payment to the costs of incorporation and commissioning of an entity and the payment of fees and taxes, may allocate until15% of the amount of the allowance capitalized to payment of specific services for advice, training and information related to the activity to undertake.

Find a model type orientativo explanatory memory to be used if you wish:


Title of the document





Explanatory report investment project




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