Application of manure accumulated and advance the contributory unemployment benefit to foreign workers returning to their country of origin (APRE).

Before proceeding further, please read the following relevant information that you should know about the accumulated fertilizer and advance the contributory unemployment benefit.


  • If you have dual nationality must indicate both.
  • It is important to fill the data referred to his home (calle, number, flooring, etc.) and village in the country of origin, as they will be used for the payment by cheque or obtained for any communication that the public employment service should ask the State.


  • To be a national of a country which has agreement with Spain in the area of Social security, or that it has extended this modality, and have legal residency in Spain.
  • Registration as a jobseeker in the public employment service.
  • Be legally unemployed as a result of termination.
  • Having recognized the right to unemployment benefit of level of contributors, without compatibilizarlo with part-time work.
  • Take the following commitments:
    • Return to the country of origin within 30 calendar days reckoned from the date of the first payment in spain.
    • Non-return to Spain within three years to reside and/or professional gainfully employed or self-employed or for others. This period will begin to run after 30 calendar days from the date of the first payment in spain.
  • They are not dependent on any of the prohibited from leaving national territory under the aliens legislation.


  • Mode of subscription.
    • Advance perception and a cumulative amount of the economic benefit of level of contributors.
    • The amount to pay was deducted the amount that will result in implementation of the regulations governing the tax on personal income.
    • Does not entail any contribution to Social security, so no fee deduction will get a quotation.
  • Payment in two instalments.
    • A 40 per cent will be paid in Spain, once recognized the right, 10 the month, as appropriate.
    • The 60 per cent is paid in the country of origin, after the time limit of thirty calendar days reckoned from the realization of the first payment, which will be provided on the 10 the month and no later than 90 days since the first payment.

To receive this credit, it is necessary, immediately to return, the worker to appear in person at the diplomatic mission or consulate of spain at the country of origin to certify their return to it. At that time shall proceed to the delivery of the identity card of Alien from which it holds, as well as that of members to his return.


  • Will have to be purchased the commitments contained in the application, as well as proof of identity and nationality and indicate the data necessary for the payment of the provision in spain as well as in the country of origin.
  • No one may be admitted to renounce the payment of providing effective after the first benefit payment.
  • The public employment service Estatal shall transmit decisions in favour of the secretariat of state for immigration and emigration and the secretariat of state for security in order to proceed to verify the control of the implementation of commitments in the present request.


  • Once the compost produced contributory benefit in the manner of payment:
    • Unemployment benefit shall be deemed to be extinguished.
    • There will be able to obtain subsidies for depletion of the benefit.
    • You will not be able to access to benefits and unemployment benefits in a period of at least three years, start to run after 30 calendar days from the date of the first benefit payment.
  • Recognized the right to payment, the authorization of residence, is terminated, 30 calendar days after delivery of the first payment in spain, without the need for other administrative procedure.
  • If the beneficiary of accumulated fertilizer and early relatives regrouped with him, without an independent residence permit, these will also lose their authorization of residence, in legislation on foreigners.
  • Similarly, there may be granted residence permits and work to those who have been beneficiaries of this form of payment of the contributory unemployment benefit, while there has been a period of three years, will begin to run along those lines.

Method of payment

  • Se puede optar entre pago por cheque nominativo o por transferencia bancaria.
  • In the case of choosing the mode of cheque issuance of this in the home consignado en el apartado 1 the request (personal data of the applicant), the holder benefit recipient. The cheque shall expire at the 90 days.