Pre-application form of unemployment benefits and other procedures

You can make a provisional request to get access to your unemployment benefit sending this pre-application form.

Once received in SEPE, if necessary, we will contact you by phone or mail to complete the information or require essential documentation.

If you have a digital certificate, electronic DNI or cl@ve user, you can submit a full electronic application in our online site.

JUL23 update


If you want to ask for the PRESTACIÓN ESPECIAL POR DESEMPLEO PARA LAS PERSONAS TRABAJADORAS DEL SECTOR CULTURAL Y ARTÍSTICO (artists and cultural sector benefit) you must do as follows and select:

Trámite:  Presolicitud de prestación individual

Subtrámite:  Prestación contributiva (alta o reanudación)

You must mark in the Observaciones form field “Solicito la prestación especial de artistas”. Thus, our operator will know which unemployment benefit are you asking for, in case you’d have more than one option. In this field you can include any comment referring your request.

For further information about the specifications and requirements for this benefit you can check our web page


Update MAY 23


For security reasons, you must indicate in the form your mobile phone number in order to receive a PIN. This key, once received in your phone, must be entered in the appropriate field to complete the registration process. The PIN is valid for 5 minutes.

Important: you must give your cell number or, if that is not possible, one trusted cell number, as the phone line owner will be responsible party of the transaction.

And you will be able to attach any necessary documents for your request. You only need to enclose the files (a maximum of 5) to your form.

Once the process has been completed, with the form submitted, our system will give you the possibility of downloading a receipt. Keep the PDF of the pre-application form, it is the evidence of the transaction and you could need it.