Form individual presolicitud unemployment benefit

You can formalise its provisional application of access to protection by sending this unemployment form.

If necessary, the SEPE will contact you by telephone or e-mail to complete the information or require documentation indispensable.

Si dispones de DNI electrónico, certificado digital o cl@ve puedes presentar tu application through the electronic site SEPE.

Update MAY 23

By the security council, from now on you must indicate a mobile phone number to send you a PIN. This key indicarla you in the form to complete the process. A period of validity 5 minutes.

Important: you must indicate your own mobile number or, if not possible, a number of mobile in your confidence, as the holder phone line specified address will be responsible for the request.

And now you can embed into your presolicitud documentation you consider necessary for the procedure that you are interested in. You only have to attach the documentation (maximum 5 files) to your form.

Once the handling of presolicitud, with the dispatch of form, the system will offer you the possibility of downloading the proof. Save the PDF form is completed, the proof of your presentation and you might need it.